Custom Jewelry

Arthur’s Jewelry specializes in handmade custom designs – taking your ideas and bringing them to life. No matter the medium, no matter the occasion Arthur will make sure your vision becomes reality.

The Process

  1. Initial meeting & design consultation
    • You & Arthur sit down to discuss your vision, an initial design plan is formalized
  2. Hand carving of wax model
    • A wax model of your piece is created. The entire model is carved by hand by Arthur.
  3. Wax model approval
    • Prior to moving forward, the completed wax model needs to be approved – this ensures that the piece is exactly what you wanted. Any changes that need to be made can be accommodated at this step!
  4. Wax Casting
    • Your wax is cast into the metal you have chosen
  5. Clean-up & refinishing of casting
    • The casting is cleaned & refinished, ensuring there are no rough edges
  6. Setting of stones
    • If your piece has diamonds or gem stones, they will be set into place at this step
  7. Finishing touches
    • Based upon your design, any finishing touches will be added here. Finishing touches can include engraving or milgrain edges – both of which are added by hand.
  8.  Polishing
    • Your piece is ready – one last polish to make it sparkle
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